December 29th, 2013

The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

A story of Joe Belfort, a stockbroker who goes from riches to rags to riches and the craziness in between

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  • I like these types of movies where it's a mix of comedy, biography and drama. I love it when the main character breaks out of the plot to narrate to further progress the story.

  • the plot is interesting. Wall Street type goes all alpha and makes money and then things start spiraling out of control

  • the acting is well done by everyone, believing the is hawwt


  • this is honestly one of, if not the most obscene movies I ever watched

  • how this movie got a "R" rating and not something more restricted is beyond me. What does that say about our culture? When this movie gets bootlegged in some middle eastern country, the adults will be blown away of the sheer amount of debauchery that goes on. I wouldn't be surprised if this movie and the themes within it are used as a justification to breed hatred of America and Hollywood in conservative cultures. Terrorists are born by watching this movie.

  • so I saw this in theaters and I happen to sit next to a mom and her two young girls (around 8 or 9 years old) near the bottom center of the cinema. Literally the first scenes of the movie was the protagonist doing blow off the hookers butt. You would figure momma would get the hint and take her kids out of there. Nope, momma bear and her kids stuck it out 90% through the movie. I swear that the girls were covering their eyes and ears for half the movie while momma watched. The thing is that the kids were censoring themselves! Mom didn't even cover their eyes, ears or anything! So anyway, they were watching until there was a particularly adult age 18+ scene where I guess she finally figured should be a good parent and leave. When they got up and left, the theater literally went loud with audible chatter from the crowd because everyone was in shock of how such young kids were still here watching the the movie. And this is when the movie was 90% through. Good thing they left when they did too because the next scene is when the domestic violence happens.

  • so yeah, that person won the worst parent of the year award right there

  • so dear stranger (or my future self), if you are ever considering watching this movie,

  • *make sure there are no kids under 20 in the vicinity. This movie is very much for ADULTS ONLY

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