September 26th, 2013

After Earth (2013)

Will Smiths son goes on a 100km hike in a post-apocalyptic Earth.

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  • the visual effects were so-so. Some scenes looked awesome and stunning while others seemed clearly CGI

  • as a sci-fi fan, I find their take on the future interesting. Most sci-fi movies go hard on the metal superstructures when it comes to cities, spaceships, general vibe etc where this movie went with a zen-like wooden feel. To be honest, it felt out of place. --

    *[ RANDOM THOUGHT ] --

  • I thought the scene when they are at home and all the blinds close like a bunch of fins was awesome. If I ever find myself living in a penthouse, I was those same style blinds. Looks awesome to me. --

    *[ RANDOM THOUT END ] --

  • holograms, holograms everywhere!!!111

  • I love holograms, but even I think there are too many

  • BTW, when we have holograms at the store, in the living room or anywhere else

    *thats how you know we are living in the future

  • Will Smith's acting was good, but Jaden's was meh. Papa Smith's character was tired, boring and unoriginal. Sometimes papa does not know best

  • somehow I get this impression that the movie was made to jump start Jaden Smith's acting career. If that was their goal, then they failed miserably. We will see how deep their pockets are if thats the case.

  • the real reason this movie sucks is because the plot sucks along with Jaden's horrible character. Creative and interesting take on sci-fi imagery which I liked, but almost everything else sucks. At the end of the day, the story needs to be good unless your just watching popcorn action entertainment, which this is not

in a nutshell

I expected better

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