August 14th, 2010

Lone Survivor (2009)

Marcus' Lutrells account of Operation Redwing, the biggest disaster in U.S Spec Ops history

by Marcus Lutrell
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  • The story is interesting

  • I personally found the Navy SEAL training part also interesting. Though i'm sure others won't like it too much

  • When he was describing his training experiences, I was surprised how often he used the skills he learned from selection, let alone training. When you go through selection, the trainers are trying to put you through hell not simply for entertainment and testing purposes, but because you will need all that endurance, skill and determination in combat.

  • You can tell this guy is politcally conservative (bashing the liberal media here and there, but I don't blame him)

  • though, I still thinks he exagerates a few things about the media, but in large part, I agree with him

  • Lutrell is full of himself. But who wouldn't be? He is a damn SEAL, the best of the best (or so they say...)

  • easy read. I read it in two sittings

  • he is not the best writer. He skips around and you lose track of what he talking about until he continues on (or maybe its just me)

  • while he is describing their (the SEAL teams advance), it gives an idea of how rough Afghani terrain really is.

  • May the fallen heroes of Operation Redwing and their downed rescue team RIP.

  • like I said, writing isn't the best

in a nutshell

Amazing story, mediocre book

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